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Maria and Rick’s Online Dating Success Story

Online dating has changed lives everywhere. Many people do not have time to find love. Internet dating sites have allowed people the convenience of finding love at first click. There are a lot of successful relationships that come out of online dating sites. Here is the story behind how a couple from New Hampshire met and fell in love online.

The Start to an Internet Dating Success Story

A woman named Maria Smith had given up on finding love. She was born in a small town in the state of New Hampshire. As a 31 year old kindergarten teacher, she thought that finding love was hopeless. Blind dates and constant fix up from friends left her feeling defeated and alone. One day, she was using her laptop to read some news and she was an advertisement for an online dating site. She was skeptical at first because she had heard mixed reactions to using the Internet to meet people.

After a few minutes of staring at her computer screen, she decided to take a chance and began to complete her profile. Once she completed it, she decided to go and browse through the list of men in her area. She found one for a guy named Rick. Rick was a 35 year old state trooper from Concord, NH. He included some jokes about being a cop that immediately caught her eye and made her laugh. She messaged Rick and forgot about it. A week later, Rick responded to her and apologized for not getting back to her sooner.

The Initial Meeting between Rick and Maria

Maria responded to Rick’s message and the two began to chat via text and video chat. Over time, Maria found that she was becoming more and more attached to her laptop and cell phone because she could not wait for Rick to contact her. On October 3, 2009, the two met face-to-face. Rick took Maria to his favorite place which was a Boston Celtics game. Maria never told him that she was a fan, but the chemistry between the two became even more undeniable after that. Six months later, Rick and some of his colleagues surprised Maria in front of the school where she taught and he proposed to her in front of her students. She immediately said yes and the couple got married on October 3, 2010 on the anniversary of their first date.

The Happily Ever They Both Deserve So Much

Maria and Rick are the epitome of an online dating success story. They have been married for four years and have three small children. They wholeheartedly believe that the website that they used is the only reason why they are so happy and in love today. If anyone can learn anything from these two, it is that you should always take a chance on love. You never know what will happen next.